Your Digital Nonprofit: The Social Profit Stack

by Kelly Morris

Every other Sunday, I'll spark ⚡️your nonprofit's online fundraising strategy and deliver the tools you need to succeed. You'll receive an actionable tip and three links to drive donor engagement, deliver the best online experience for your donors, and raise more revenue. Join us!

You're It! Discover the Magic of Tagging Email Subscribers 🪄

Hi Reader, Imagine this. You’ve sent your weekly email newsletter to your growing email list. You’re excited to learn how to use email to raise money, but you know the list is a mess, so there’s work to do. You’ve been too busy to sit down and arrange it all. You’ve heard about ways to organize your list, such as adding subscribers to tags. You’ve tagged people on your list but don't know how to leverage this strategy. You can personalize your communications to your email list if you do it...
12 days ago • 4 min read

Unlock New Donor Retention With Email Automation 💌

Happy Sunday Reader, Imagine this… You just donated to a nonprofit supporting a cause you care about. Post donation, you felt incredible. You’ve done the right thing. A few days go by. You have yet to receive any communication from the organization. No acknowledgement, not even a thank you. You begin to wonder if they even received your donation. A week goes by—still, nothing. Two weeks later, you receive a generic email from the organization, thanking you for your support but providing no...
26 days ago • 4 min read
this system is simple

Digital-first fundraising, simplified 🥧

Hi Reader, When I became a new mom, I was broke. My husband and I lived on one salary with a new baby. It was hard. One of my largest expenses was diapers. I recall seeing a mom put a new type of cloth diaper on their baby. It looked amazing. I’d never contemplated using cloth, but these were no ordinary cloth diapers. Made with a microfibre, absorbent fleece, snaps, inserts, you name it, it was a new invention I needed to learn more about. That mom gave me the name of the person who sold it...
about 1 month ago • 4 min read

Amplify Your Impact: 6 Personalization Techniques to Boost Engagement 🎸

Hi Reader, Meet Jamie. Jamie is a senior development officer who has been on what I call the struggle bus when it comes to connecting with her audience. I bet you can relate. Jamie knew it was time to try something new. She began rewriting her usual ‘impersonal’ emails, sharing more of her personality and addressing recipients by name. She wrote stories about her team’s work on her email broadcast. She researched the audience and asked about her readers’ interests. They began responding...
about 2 months ago • 3 min read

Encouragement Leads Innovation In Your Nonprofit 💡

Hi Reader, I’m often in awe of the incredible innovation I see in our industry. I'm proud to have stepped into organizations to see the culture and environment surrounding the team, all working together to find solutions for the cause. While I’m usually there to assess or plan fundraising, I see firsthand how team culture works. But, I often wonder how that culture supports new ideas brought forward by the whole team. When a nonprofit creates meaningful change, it’s innovation that I see at...
2 months ago • 3 min read

Embrace A Digital Mindset: Leads a New Path Forward 📈

Hi Reader, I recently worked alongside an organization led by a dedicated but traditional leader, named Jared (not his real name). Rooted in old-school methods, he had done well in raising money at events and even sent a spring appeal once a year up until C19. He needed help and hired me to help build a fund development plan. I quickly saw the organization was stagnant. Donations slowed, events were no longer well-attended, and acquiring new donors required growth. I wanted Jared to act...
3 months ago • 2 min read

Idea Validation Can Make or Break Your Next Fundraising Campaign ⏰

Hi Reader, Imagine this... Your former work colleague, Jenna, now a senior fundraising professional at a well-known charity, is calling you in a panic. She immediately starts, “Remember how we pulled through that campaign we did ten years ago?" hinting at your old shared struggles and victories. "The board wants us to run a capital campaign right away," she reveals, her voice tinged with worry. Recently, they let go of two fundraisers, leaving her overwhelmed. "What's the goal? And do we even...
3 months ago • 3 min read
ChatGPT, Dude

Leverage the Power of AI Prompts in Your Nonprofit ✨

Imagine sitting in front of your computer, distracted by social media. Procrastination sits on your shoulders. It’s heavy. You know this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing. You’re stumped. Fresh out of ideas on what to write next for your weekly content. You’re busy, but you know how important communicating with your community is. Then you remember this new tool called AI can help inspire you. AI tools like ChatGPT can help provide ideas, writing frameworks, outlines, and even a schedule...
4 months ago • 3 min read
Usher FTW

Explore Automation: A Direct Line to More Impact 🌱

Imagine this… You just sat at your desk to work on your next appeal. You've done all you can to create the best writing environment. You want it to be zen. You've put your headphones on to listen to the Lofi playlist. You're all set. You start writing. Then… *Bling* You receive a blaring notification. And again. *Bling.* Ugh. You realize you forgot to hit the Focus setting on your computer. Huge distraction. You immediately click do not disturb for an hour. It turns off the notifications on...
4 months ago • 3 min read
Email Sequence Works

Powerful & Automated: Create An Email Welcome Sequence 📧

Imagine this. You find yourself interested in learning more about an organization that helps people deal with an issue a family member is experiencing. You search Google to find the one you need. You see the one you want and click the link to visit their website. Smooth so far. You look around and check out their services. The information is helping you out. Then you see they share a newsletter. Excited, you subscribe as it says you'll continue to receive information about their organization....
5 months ago • 4 min read

Every other Sunday, I'll spark ⚡️your nonprofit's online fundraising strategy and deliver the tools you need to succeed. You'll receive an actionable tip and three links to drive donor engagement, deliver the best online experience for your donors, and raise more revenue. Join us!

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